Have you ever been on an empty or near-empty flight?  I wonder if they opened the mini-bar and let him have his way?

I know that the flight has to get to its destination because, as flights go, that plane is scheduled to pick up more passengers. It seems like a waste, but I think it's that the airlines are operating as efficiently and practically as possible.

BTW, they had to add weight to the plane NOT to make the plane heavier: they do that to balance the plane. If you fly often enough you'll notice that, sometimes, when there isn't a full plane, they will ask passengers to change seats. They do that in efforts of balancing the weight on the plane (you want the weight distributed equally so that the plane isn't in a constant battle to stay level).

I'm not certain how I would handle being solo on a plane, but if I had a unicycle handy, I'd probably ride it up and down the aisle. But that's just me.

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