I have recently been on an airplane. I know that's nothing to really brag about but I, like a lot of you had curtailed all of my air travel over the past year and a half out of concerns. I have resolved those concerns and now feel ready to move about the country. 

Being away from flying and airports and the current state of being in public certainly made me become more aware of my physical surroundings. I kept my head on a swivel and I did pay closer attention to everything and everyone.  

Maybe it was the fatigue of travel or the Dramamine I began to find the observations of the people, places, and situations, to be quite humorous as I contemplated my travel past. I have flown all away around this world. I fly almost exclusively for pleasure. I know so many of you are road warriors and you fly because that’s where your job takes you. 

No matter your reasons for flying I think you’d have to agree, getting on an airplane makes us different. I find myself doing things on airplanes and in airports that in my normal day-to-day routine wouldn’t even hit my contemplative mind.  I think I have also observed others doing the same thing. Take a look at our little list below and see if you can find yourself or someone you know. 

18 Encounters You’re Guaranteed to Have on Your Next Air Travel Adventure


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