Ever since I first saw Superman (or, more recently, Iron Man) on the television, I've wanted to be able to fly. No airplane or helicopter; just take a couple of steps, and then it's up, up, and away.

Now, it looks like the British Marines are (almost) doing just that.

Yes, the men in this video are wearing special suits that allow them to fly, but can you imagine if we would have had these during World War II? We might have won the war earlier on just the fear factor alone!

Gravity Industries is the maker of the jet suits, and they are working with the British Marines with the hopes of a sale. A big sale, I'm certain.

According to Business Insider, the British Marines are considering the use of the jet suits to aid in "VBSS" missions (Visit, Board, Search, Seizure) which, according to the experts, are some of the most complex operations that take place at sea. These jet packs would remove a lot of the danger involved in the VBSS missions.

As you can see in the video, instead of the inflatable approaching the larger boat and having to rely on ladders to first board, one of the crewmembers just gives it the old "Up, up and away!!" and is on board in moments. From there he (or she, of course) can drop a ladder for the rest of the crew that needs to board.

Amazing technology, no? It's like we are living in the future.

I wonder if I can take one of these to Holly Beach? I'd be invited to all the crab boils, I'm sure.

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