MacKenzie Bourg totally killed it in the Hollywood solo rounds of 'American Idol' but half his hometown of Lafayette probably didn't see it.

FOX airs 'American Idol' but the channel that normally carries the program isn't currently available in the Cox cable lineup. The absence of FOX (and NBC) for Cox customers in the Acadiana area is due to a current dispute over pricing between the cable company and Nextar Broadcasting, the parent company of the aforementioned local network affiliates.

So, unless they had TV services with a company other than Cox or connected an HD antenna to their television, a large portion of MacKenzie Bourg's hometown of Lafayette completely missed his performance on 'American Idol' last night.

But why is this even a big deal? There will be plenty of other MacKenzie Bourg performances, right?

Sure, they'll have plenty of other chances to see him perform, but what was special about MacKenize's moment last night was that he delivered a performance that will more than likely secure his spot in the top 24 and proved that "he could win this thing."

Oh, and did I mention he performed an original song ('Roses')—a risky move that definitely wowed the judges.

Bourg is something special in this competition. Not only is he insanely adorable and charismatic, he's original — and that's something this game is lacking. The best part about Bourg, though, is that he's not SO original that he polarizes the audience. Past artists like Joey Cook and Jax have lost this competition despite their talent solely because they were too niche. Bourg, on the other hand, strikes the perfect balance between original and mainstream. The Louisiana native creates his own music and has a cool sound, but he still fits into the alternative pop/rock scene that's popular right now. He would be a welcome, yet refreshing, to mainstream radio.

We're rooting for MacKenzie, and we're also rooting for Cox and Nexstar to settle their business over the next few weeks before fan voting begins in the likely event that Bourg does indeed make the top 12.

BONUS: Check out MacKenzie performing 'Roses' during one of the Courtesy Automotive 'Showroom Sessions' from our sister station, KTDY.

He's got the talent. Let's just hope his hometown is able to give him the support he'll need to win it all.

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