The LSU AgCenter, you hear a lot about it but not a lot of folks are familiar with the work that happens under the umbrella of the name. The AgCenter is responsible for a lot of great improvements not only in the agriculture community but in life away from the farm. One such example is the latest product developed by the LSU AgCenter, a milk-based meal replacement shake.

Sure, there are a lot of powder replacement shakes on the market already. What makes this one different and why should we care? The bioengineers at LSU have developed this shake using a special milk. The milk, a2, is easier to digest than many other products that use dairy. The product testing and ultimate marketing plan are now being vetted by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

Besides creating a marketable product for the always changing diet and weight loss industry. It is hoped that this product will encourage Louisiana residents to choose a homegrown product to help in their own weight loss goals. The product's creators believe this replacement shake could help individuals lose weight safely and ultimately keep that weight off.

The product is currently manufactured in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Other flavors will be added as testing and market evaluations continue.

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