Okay, technically you are not losing weight. What you will actually be doing is getting a more accurate reading on how much you really do weigh. Which by doing so will, in most cases, deliver a smaller number on the scale when you look down to read it.

There are several factors concerning the way you weigh yourself that can change the final number delivered by your scale. The one big mistake most of us make in using our bathroom scale is that we don't calibrate them correctly. Then we don't place them on a hard flat even surface. Trust me that plays a huge part in how big or how small the numbers reflected tend to be.

Another thing you need to consider when chronicling your weight loss journey is consistency. You really need to weigh yourself at the same time and under the same circumstances every day. For most people, the best time to get an accurate reflection of their body weight is when you first wake up. But there are some other factors you need to consider.

You should weigh yourself after you've used the restroom but before you have showered. I was totally unaware that our skin tends to soak up moisture from a bath or shower and that can add a couple of pounds to your total weight right there.

Diet and weight loss experts also agree that you should write down your weight loss goals and write down your daily weight. This act of writing information down reinforces our mental ability to stick with and accomplish a goal. Which is where most of us falter in our battle to maintain or achieve healthy body weight.


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