Not sure how wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic became a political issue, but here we are. And with that being said, officials at LSU have sent out guidelines for faculty on how to handle students who refuse the requirements to wear masks while in class.

This summer, leading up to the fall semester for the university, administrators issued several restrictions for students, which includes mask requirements while on campus and in class. A step by step guide was sent out with instructions about how to handle a situation in the classroom where the student refuses to adhere to the mask rules. I guess they must be anticipating this happening because there is a whole lot of info regarding face coverings.

Some of the suggestions include a script for incidents that includes:

"Remind the entire class of the requirement to wear face coverings while in the classroom as well as common spaces; If a medical condition prevents them from wearing a face covering, inform the class that they can visit disability services to determine accommodations (if they do not cooperate, move to next step)."

"Ask the individual student to please use a proper face covering so the class can proceed without delay (if they do not cooperate, move to next step)."

There are many more steps, but it ends up with the teacher calling security as a very last resort. You can read all the guidelines from the University here. And good luck to students returning to campus, we know it's going to be a very different experience for you this year. Keep your chin up, Tigers!




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