Why do Louisiana lawmakers need a perk that allows them to purchase LSU football tickets? I can't think of an answer for that, I was hoping you'd have one.

Thankfully our dutiful public servants have within their power the ability to do just that. In fact, a lot of those legislators have already used what is described as a "perk of the job" to lock in LSU tickets in prime sections at face value even before you or I had the chance to pull out our credit cards and take a convenience fee screwing from Ticketmaster. 

Want this to make you even madder?

Many of those legislators who are using this perk to buy LSU tickets won't even be members of the legislature on January 13th. That's inauguration day and a day when a lot of these "faithful public servants" will be term-limited out or replaced in their position.

Because State Senator Conrad Appel was dumb enough to make these comments to NOLA.com in a wonderfully written piece by reporter Sam Karlin. I felt obligated to share his arrogance and entitlement with you. Here's what Mr. Appel had to say about "the perk".

There are very, very few perks in the Legislature. It costs a fortune to work in the Legislature ... If there are a couple of perks, I don’t think it is a really bad thing.

If you'd like to call Mr. Appel and voice your thoughts on his thoughts his telephone number is 504-838-5500. I'm sure you'd want to congratulate him on his excellent use of legislative power. By the way, Mr. Appel if being in the legislature sucks so bad. Why do you put up with it?

Just to be clear here, it's actually LSU policy that offers the tickets to legislators. You know when you're in the business of higher education in a state that only values education during election season, it pays to keep the right palms greased right?

One more clarification here. Mr. Appel nor any of his many counterparts in the House and Senate have not broken any laws or rules in taking advantage of the "LSU Arrangement". They are well within their rights and within the rules of government to purchase these tickets and give them away to wealthy donors, family members, Russian operatives, hookers, friends, and anyone who isn't just a regular citizen.

I'm sure our legislators get enough of us "regular citizens" when they have to step out of their ivory towers and into our mundane world to get elected. I hate that for them.

Can you tell I'm bitter about this? Oh, just a tad.

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