Officials with the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office say a man was arrested for scaling the wall of the temporary detention center according to WDSU.

The majority of people wouldn't want to break into a jail or detention center, but 29-year-old Dylon Guidry was videotaped by someone scaling the wall to the facility trying to break in.

Officials say as soon as they learned someone was trying to get into their facility they did a headcount of their facilities to make sure no one was missing.

Each and every person who was supposed to be in the facility was there, and so what motivated the man to try to get into a detention center is found in the two charges against him.

An Orleans Parish Sheriff's spokesperson says they tracked down Guidry and he was charged with the following:

Attempting to bring contraband into the jail


Officials told WDSU that the man did have a cellphone.

Now, according to information gathered by WDSU, Guidry is not without contact with law enforcement officials. After digging into the court records they found that Guidry had past charges for the following:

Hit-and-run with death/serious injury

Negligent homicide criminal negligence

The video was submitted to WDSU. The whole incident started to unfold at around 1:30 on Wednesday afternoon. The temporary facility is located on Perdido Street near the Norman C. Francis I-10 overpass.

According to the Louisiana Legislature's website if you are convicted of trying to bring items into a penal institution you can between $500 and $$10,000, and "shall be imprisoned with or without hard labor for not more than ten years."

The judge will ultimately decide the man's punishment if he is convicted.

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