School is set to start in just a few weeks but that has parents and teachers a little nervous these days. Since we are seeing a rise in the number of positive cases of covid in the State of Louisiana, many are wondering if the school year will really start on time. 

This afternoon Lafayette Parish School System announced that they plan to start school on time this year on August 12, 2021, however, they plan to do A-Day and B-Day schedules for the first two days.

Woman Working in a School
Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images


On A-Day, Thursday, August 12, students with odd-numbered addresses will report to their school.

On B-Day, Friday, August 13,  students with even-numbered addresses will report to their school.

All students will report to school on Monday, August 16. 

According to the LPSS website, there was no reason given as to why this decision was made.


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