A video has surfaced on social media that shows someone barely escaping their vehicle prior to a train smashing the car.

Now, some are noting that this collision happened in Ascension Parish last week.

You see the person attempting to get something from the vehicle as the train approaches, then they get away from the vehicle just as the train plows through the car.

No one was reportedly injured in this accident, but according to BRProud delays were reported near N Coolidge Ave & N Tobey Ave.


Since the video surfaced, many are asking why the person in the video waited so long to get away from the vehicle.

Perhaps we will never know, but we are just glad to hear that no one was injured in this very disturbing crash.

We also don't know why this person's vehicle was stuck on the tracks as the train approached. I assume that this crash is under investigation.

On the other hand, some can relate to incidents like this and understand the consequences to incidents like this.

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