Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson must be like that guy in the insurance company commercials, I bet "he knows a thing or two because he's seen a thing or two". One thing Sheriff Johnson doesn't want to see this weekend or any weekend on the beaches of Cameron Parish are vehicles that find themselves either stuck in the sand or worse, stuck in the sand and being inundated with water from the rising ocean tide.

There are many places along the coastline of Cameron Parish where you can drive a motorized vehicle. Sheriff Johnson seems to suggest that as long as you are staying on the posted "paths" or known safe avenues of egress and entrance you should be fine. It's when you leave those paths that you can run into trouble.

In a story published on the KPLC Television website deputies and volunteers along the Cameron Parish coast have been rather busy the past couple of weekends helping people get their vehicles out of the sand or the ocean out of their vehicles. In one such case, an RV was actually discovered floating after the rising tide washed over a beachside campsite.

Another issue that has come up as more and more people are taking to the beaches with the rising temperatures is this, vehicles racing on the beach. That's right some knuckleheads seem to think a public beach is a great place to race four-wheelers, ATVs, or even cars. It's not. The posted speed on Cameron Parish beaches is 10 mph. That's fast enough, especially when families and children are present.

Oh, one other piece of advice we can offer and this comes from the KPLC piece too. Make sure you bring a tow strap with you and keep it in your vehicle. You never know when you or someone around you might need an assist.

Now if the sometimes brackish water of the Louisiana coastline isn't your thing how about having some fun in the real muddy water. That's right tubing is a big deal in Louisiana and it's pretty fun too. Here's where you can do that.

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