Many Louisiana residents faced with the option of a summer with no vacation are finding a workaround. It's what we do in Louisiana. It's called Cajun Ingenuity and based on what we are seeing in the retail markets around the state the coronavirus will not be affecting our fun. It will however, affect the way we approach our fun.

With so many vacation destinations on the "not-sure-if-they'll-be-open" list many Louisiana residents are making the choice to either have fun in their own backyard or take to take their backyard with them when they travel.

According to figures released by the RV Industry Association the sales of motorhomes and campers are up by about 170% in some parts of the country. Those parts of the country just happen to be the same parts of the country that are among the first to reopen following the coronavirus pandemic closures.

Perfect! That means almost double the number of bad camper drivers clogging up the  Interstate. Don't get me wrong, I love campers and people who sell campers and people who camp in campers. I just don't like being stuck behind a camper on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge traveling at 43 miles per hour.

Actually, campers on the road won't be an issue for me because I have already invested in a backyard swimming pool. Those who don't want to opt to dig a hole in the ground are going off the deep end for above ground pools. Many pool supply stores across the nation are reporting they can't keep them in stock.

Stores like Home Depot and Lowe's are actually telling customers that the pools are on backorder and may not be delivered until much later this summer. The average wait time for those back ordered objects is between a month and six weeks. If my math is correct you still might not have that pool good to go for July Fourth.

If you can't do an RV or you can't wait on an above ground pool you can always use that Cajun Ingenuity to build your own slip and slide. All you need is some Visqueen plastic and a little Dawn dishwashing soap and then just add water.


'Only in Louisiana' Experiences


'Only in Louisiana' Experiences



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