A police department in Louisiana may soon be riding in style, or will they?

We all know that police put a lot of miles on their units and one police department may have decided to get the most out of their units by upgrading their fleet.

A recent photo that was posted on the Reporter News Facebook page shows a police unit in use and what caught the attention of many is the make and model of the SUV.

The police unit comes in the form of a Mercedes Benz SUV. So, which lucky police department may have its officers patrolling the streets in this luxury vehicle? Well, that would be the Shreveport Police Department.

However, as some noted on the social media page that shared this photo, there appears to be a "Ford" emblem under or behind the 'Mercedes Benz" logo.

Was this photoshopped?

Police Lights
Photo courtesy of scott-rodgerson-ffH_GkINfyY-unsplash

According to Reporter News, this is the first of 50 luxury units that will soon be on the streets of Shreveport.

If this photo is true or unedited, police in Shreveport would be riding in style, however, we have to ask, "Will they really be riding in style?"

Zoom in on the photo below and let us know what you think. This does appear to be photoshopped, but we'd love your take on the viral photo.

Here's the social media post that has many talking about what is to come to the street in the North Louisiana city.


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