Louisianans know our state is a little quirky. Here in the Bayou State, we do things a little differently sometimes.

Only In Your State, a popular Louisiana Facebook Page recently posted a few interesting, some odd, facts and laws about Louisiana. One includes a law that states, "If you order a pizza for someone else without letting them know first, it is illegal and will incur a fine of $500".

The outlet claims:

Tabasco Celebrates Bold Moments At The MAXIM Party
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The first patents issued in Louisiana were for Tobasco Sauce in 1970. The label is still the same by the way.

New Orleans
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New Orleans hosted the first opera in the United States. It took place in the French Quarter in the late 1700s.

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You can feed your pigs garbage, but you have to cook it first.

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You can't tie a horse to a public tree.

Louisiana Map
Rufus Young

Louisiana is not the only state not divided by counties.

There are many more interesting facts and laws exclusive to our state at onlyinyourstate.com.

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