When it comes to a stressful day, there are endless things that can pileup to make us want to scream. Traffic, work, hectic family schedule, money issues...you name it, it can stress us out. Do we live in one of the most stressful states? We sure do, and here's why...

According to zippia.com, Louisiana lands at number 6 on the list of "Most Stressful States".

My chest is starting to tighten as I type this.

In order to measure how stressed out a state is, zippia.com used a set of six criteria.

  • Long commute times
  • Unemployment
  • Hours worked
  • Population density
  • Home price to income ratio
  • Percent uninsured population

The reason Louisiana came in as the 6th most stressed out State is because apparently, we work more than everyone else.

From zippia.com -

Louisiana ranks number six on our list because they ranked as a state with one of the most hours worked per week. So while the rent may be more affordable, you still are working more hours than most. 

After you finish pulling your hair out, head over to zippia.com for more information.


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