U.S. Census Bureau via YouTube
U.S. Census Bureau via YouTube

You could blame the lack of response on the pandemic but then again, the rest of the country has had to go through that too. You could say the problem is born of the hurricane that recently ripped through the state, but that's only affected life in Louisiana for the past couple of weeks.

How about this, instead of coming up with more things "we could say" how about we, meaning Louisiana is failing in the census game, we need to get off of our butts and do something in regard to the United States Census. If we don't we are going to miss out on some serious federal money. It's money we can't afford to not have.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the state of Louisiana is lagging woefully behind the rest of the nation when it comes to filling out completed census forms. Nationwide about 88% of American housing units have been accounted for in the 2020 Census. In Louisiana, that figure is 58.6%. We are 30% off the national average and that does not bode well for our state.

Only residents of Maine, New Mexico, West Virginia, Alaska, and Puerto Rico have done a worse job than Louisiana residents have when it comes to filling out and turning in a completed census form.

If you're not familiar with what the United Census is all about, you need really need to get with the program. The Census is taken every ten years. The numbers derived from the Census determines how many congressmen our state will have in Washington. It also helps determine how much federal tax money should be distributed for projects and needs throughout the state.

If you haven't looked outside your window recently, we have some issues that we need federal help with. That goes beyond the assistance we are getting for Hurricane Laura.

If you love crappy roads, don't turn in your census. If you want our schools to suck, don't turn in your census, if you want other states to lure better jobs away from us, don't turn in your census. If you want fewer firemen and underfunded police departments, then throw your census form in the trash. By the way, if you can abide by any of these things happening, please pack your bags and move to Alabama, Mississippi or some other third world hell hole.

Today has been declared Louisiana Census Day, it's one more opportunity for us to remind you to fill out that form and turn it in. It will make a big difference for all of us, especially the "us" that could really use the federal help.

If you'd like to complete your 2020 Census form, here's how you can do that. You can go online at this link and fill out the form there. You can call 844-330-2020 and fill out the questionnaire over the phone. Or, you can mail back the paper Census form that was mailed to your home several months ago. Right, the online option appears to be the best and easiest.


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