It amazes me that some of the problems that persistently plague humanity haven't been completely eradicated by now.  Maybe I'm naive, but it baffles me how racism, sexism, and really all of the "isms" exist at all in today's age.  One of the (seemingly) easiest issues to fix is the wage gap between women and men.  Nowhere in the United States is that problem more prevalent than in the state of Louisiana

According to, the Bayou State is at the tip-top of the list when it comes to unequal gender pay.  The National Partnership for Women and Families, says that nationally, working women get roughly 80 cents to every dollar that white men get paid for the same job.  While that's not fair at all, in Louisiana - it's much worse.  Melissa Gibson of Shreveport-Bossier Chapter of the National Organization for Women says that here women make about 68 cents on the dollar for a white man.  For Latina women, that number is about 52 cents.   For black women, its even lower - 48 cents.

Gibson also pointed out that the state has failed to act, even though "28-bills that would possibly help lessen that gap," have been introduced over the last decade.

In my humble opinion, the best person for the job should get it - and all of the pay that comes with it based on their experience, training, motivation, and a few other factors that do not include their gender, color, or age.

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