The largest statue of Ronald Reagan lies in the lands of a Louisiana city. And Reagan never even visited there.


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Why is there a Ronald Reagan Statue in Covington?

Ronald Reagan didn't have any official ties to Covington, so why would they erect, not just a statue, but the largest statue of him there?

The story goes that Covington was a Democratic stronghold for over a century. The city fell under hard times during the oil recession of Reagan's second term. That still doesn't seem to qualify for a Reagan statue.

However, after having to rebuild, and by 2003, Covington had gone Republican. A local councilman had just renamed a parish road Ronald Reagan Highway. When the first signs were being introduced, a ceremony was held. It was there that a car pulled up and out stepped one of the 400 richest men in the world, Patrick F. Taylor. Taylor was a Louisiana tycoon, owner of Taylor Energy Company, and a good friend to Reagan himself.

"He told us that day, 'When Reagan passes away I'm gonna build the largest memorial to him that I can,'" recalled Trey Blackall, Covington's city council president. "And we said, 'We'd love to have it in Covington!"

When Reagan died in 2004, the city waited for Taylor to come through on his promise. However, Taylor himself died just five months later.

This left that promise up to the Taylor Foundation. After a lengthy battle for deadlines and approvals, the statue was finally erected in Covington in 2008.


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How big is the Ronald Reagan Statue in Covington?

The World's Largest Ronald Reagan Statue was created by a local sculptor named Patrick Miller. The statue stands about 16 feet into the air, including the base. The base stands at around six feet, while the statue itself is around 10 feet tall. Reagan is dressed in a business suit, with his right arm up in a military salute, all accompanied by a classic Ronald Reagan smile.

"I think it's an excellent thing for the city," Trey said of the statue. "And it's what Mr. Taylor wanted. He wanted the biggest one, and he got it."


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Where is the World's Largest Ronald Reagan Statue Located?

The statue is located in downtown Covington, at the corner of N. New Hampshire and E. Lockwood Sts., and greets visitors at the Tammany Trace trailhead park.

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