The controversial 'Defenders Of The South' Confederate monument in Lake Charles wasn't strong enough to make it through the storm.

According to a report from The Advertiser and multiple reports on social media, the monument that stands on the ground of the Calcasieu Parish 14th Judicial District Court was nowhere to be found at first light after Hurricane Laura wreaked havoc on the greater Lake Charles area.

Just two weeks ago the Calcasieu Police Jury voted to keep the statue up in a controversial vote that had many divided on the ultimate decision. Many Facebook users suggested that Mother Nature may have had the final vote.

Some have commented wondering if they would put the statue back together to which one user replied

😳😳😳 y i k e s - Louisianans are superstitious too so they best not put it back

We'll keep you posted on the status of the statue, but if I had to guess, I would say Lake Charles has far bigger problems to handle at the moment as the city is literally on fire as it picks up the pieces from unprecedented devastation.

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