A New Orleans couple, Courtney and Jacob Landry have been dealing with a lot of emotions lately as they had a part of their heart ripped out. The couple fostered a baby and took it home straight from the neonatal intensive care. They raised the child for almost two years until they were forced to give the child up.

Jacob Landry Facebook
Jacob Landry Facebook

The child was sent to live with an uncle, a brother, and their family, according to Nola.com, and this decision caused a lot of emotional pain. Nola.com did a story on Monday about the New Orleans couple being forced to give the child up and that story got a lot of attention. The story exposed troubles in the department’s management of the case, which led to a court fight between the two families.

Courtney and Jacob shared their feelings on social media and naturally, it broke the hearts of many. The child, known as “Z.U.”, was born hooked on drugs and his mother was about to die due to drugs. The state set it up for Courtney and Jacob to foster Z.U.  At seven weeks old, Z.U. was given to Jacob and Courtney Landry fresh out of the neonatal intensive care unit.

On July 2, the Landrys were devastated as they had to put Z.U. on a plane to be sent to New York with a family he barely knew. For more about the details and legal battle, read the original story here.

The couple shared each of their feelings on their Facebook pages after the story was out, in hopes for reform at the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services.

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