In an effort to help of work Louisianians during the COVID-19 pandemic Governor John Bel Edwards mandated the suspension of all evictions. That suspension is set to expire June 16, and here's what you need to know. reports there are "two different dates when eviction notices will be given out: June 16 for the state proclamation, but July 25 under the Federal CARES Act."

The first rulings will begin with eviction notices issued before the stay-at-home order, then rulings will begin with notices to be sent out soon.

The Federal CARES Act states that renters must be given a one month notice before eviction proceedings can begin.

Obviously there is growing concern over many people and families becoming homeless as a result.

Executive Director of ARCH Leigh Rachal tells KLFY “We do believe we are potentially facing a huge crisis in terms of unsheltered homelessness”.

80,000 households in Louisiana have reportedly applied for unemployment benefits since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Rachal warns that if even a very small portion of those households become homeless, there just aren't enough resources currently available to assist them.

Rachal tells -

At this time with the resources that are currently known to be available for that, as well as some private dollars that have been donated in order to assist with that, it’s just a very limited pool of funding, and it will not, I don’t believe come close to meeting the needs.

Lafayette City Court Chief Judge Douglas Saloom urges landlords and tenants to try and come to an agreeable solution, one that allows the "tenant to stay and the landlord to be protected." has listed a number of resources available if you're in danger of an upcoming eviction or, if you'd like to make a donation to help someone avoid eviction. See the list of these resources and charities over at

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