A teacher and a teacher's aid from Hope Academy in Louisiana were fired for mocking an autistic student.

According to WBRZ, the Baton Rouge school has fired one of the educators, effective immediately, and has informed the second that dismissal will come at the end of the semester.

It all started when the parents noticed that their child was acting differently, even wetting the bed, so they decided to "wire" him to see if there was an issue at the school. What that secret recording revealed shocked them.

In one of the instances, one teacher mocked the student's grunting, and in another instance, one of the teachers used profanity when she says that "he wouldn't make it a minute" in "f.....g public school".

An attorney for the family says that a complaint will be filed with the state and legal remedies will be explored, according to WBRZ.

You can click this link to hear the audio.


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