Many of us have fantasies of living on a island. Most of us don't picture that island life taking place in the heart of Central Louisiana. In a rather odd twist of fate and levee failure the community of Georgetown in Grant Parish has basically become an island community.

The historical rainfall of last week left many parts of our state reeling with flash flooding and the after affects of rivers, streams, creeks, and coulees over topping their banks. In this case a levee at Bayou Darrow in Grant Parish was breached because of the heavy rain and rising water.

This breach poses a very unique situation for Grant Parish Sheriff Steven McCain. In his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network Sheriff McCain suggested that the community and the parish have not seen the worst of the flooding yet.

I’ve stationed three deputies, along with soldiers from the Louisiana National Guard and high water vehicles that are just permanently staying in that community because there is just no way of getting help to them if they were to need it.

As far as repairing the breach in the levee Sheriff McCain has praised the efforts of the Louisiana National Guard as well the efforts of local professionals and volunteers.

It’s truly been a team effort. We could not have made it by ourselves. The Louisiana National Guard has been incredible, Wildlife and Fisheries has sent boats up here to help rescue people, Department of Transportation has helped hauled filled sand bags.

The breach in the levee is being plugged with super sand bags that are filled and then dropped into place by National Guard helicopters. Meanwhile the community of Georgetown remains basically cut off from the rest of the parish. While Sheriff McCain can't force an evacuation he does encourage residents to leave their homes until this unprecedented threat has passed.

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