There is a Facebook post that is floating around claiming that "Homeland Security is preparing to mobilize the National Guard." This claim is false.

Facebook Stafford Act

Politifact was first alerted to the fake Facebook post on March 19th. In part, the post read:

...within 42 to 72 the president will evoke what is called the "Stafford Act".  The president will order a two week mandatory quarantine for the nation.

I received a call from a family member about the post, it had just been forwarded to him on Facebook. As he was reading the post, I asked if there was a date on the correspondence or a source. When he said "no", I figured it was not real.

A quick internet search showed my hunch was correct.

Please, before you share anything on Facebook, do a little research. (No, posting it to Facebook and asking "Is this real?" is NOT research.)


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