If you are a member of or have ever served as a member of Louisiana's National Guard, Thank You. That's one segment of our population that always over-delivers and gets under thanked if you ask me. And once again these "citizen soldiers" are fighting on the front lines but this time it's against an invisible enemy.

Some 350 soldiers from the  256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team are currently assisting in various activities regarding coronavirus screening and testing across the state. Many of these soldiers are currently working testing sites in New Orleans including at the temporary hospital site that has been set up in the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.

These men and women soldiers, that are based out of Lafayette, bring diverse backgrounds to the mission they have been given. Many of the men and women do come from a background of medicine and engineering, however, in true Louisiana National Guard tradition, they are ready and prepared to take on any task.

If you're searching for a way to give back to your state, your community, and your nation, and you'd like to earn money for college might I suggest you investigate the Louisiana National Guard. You would certainly have my respect.


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