One Louisiana airport is being singled out for making it into a Transportation Security Administration top ten list, but it's not for something good according to a story by USA Today.

For the men and women who work for the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), it can be an extremely difficult job to look at thousands of things that come through airports each year. In addition to the things they look at, they also find some very strange items.

Back in 2022, USA Today reported on the 10 weirdest things found at airports that year, and the list included things like an inert grenade a gun in a PlayStation system, and a cattle prod!

The top 3 items that were found in items at airports across the country involved firearms that were stuffed into something else and "candy". Making it into the third slot was a gun that was found in a jar of Jiffy Peanut Butter. In the number two slot was a gun that was found inside of a chicken! The final item, the one that made the number slot last year was 12,000 Fentanyl pills that were found in multiple bags of candies.

Here's information about last year's list:

So What Happened with the Louisiana airport?

When reviewing information from last year, the Louis Armstrong International Airport ended up in the seventh slot on the TSA's list of "Top Ten Best Catches of 2023".

The reason the airport ended up making that dubious distinction is because of what was found in what seemed like a large glass container of crab boil, but that was not crab boil.

ProBoil Container That Contained Meth
KLFY Photo

If you'll remember, last year KLFY reported on the story, and what was found in the crab boil was a whole pound of meth! And, that is why Louis Armstrong Airport is getting attention this week. Ugh!

At the time, the TSA wrote on Instagram about the incident. They wrote

It's never a well-seasoned plan to tuck away a pound of meth anywhere, let alone your zesty cookout powder.

There was an arrest in connection with the passenger who was carrying this crab boil.

Meth in Gallon Bag Found by TSA at NOLA Airport
KLFY Photo

And if you would like to see the other items that made the list, see below:

Plus, for additional fun, you can check out the various articles over the years on other wild things found at airports:

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