Don't let the warm temperatures in Acadiana this week fool into thinking winter is over. Next week, Acadiana may be covered in snow, that's correct...snow!

A little over a week ago, European weather models were showing very cold temperatures south of I-10 for early next week. But American weather models weren't showing temperatures as frigid as the European models.

At first, local forecasters thought the European models were a bit exaggerated. But as it turns out, the European models were not wrong at all. In actuality, it's going to be colder in Acadiana next week than even the European models initially predicted.

The cold temps will start to creep into Acadiana Friday evening. Overnight low for Southeastern Louisiana Friday evening will be around 38 degrees and from there it just keeps getting colder and colder.

Here's the long term forecast for the next few days as of now according to

Friday 2/12/21...Showers early with a 70% chance for rain, hi 42 degrees. Low 38 degrees with a 40% chance for rain.

Saturday 2/13/21...Mostly Cloudy with a 24% chance for rain, hi 44 degrees. Low 32 degrees with a 40% chance for rain.

Sunday 2/14/21...Showers early with freezing rain possible,  hi 44 degrees with a 40% chance for rain. Low 30 degrees with a 50% chance for rain. Freezing rain possible after midnight. 

Monday 2/15/21...Light freezing rain/wintry mix in the morning, 70% chance for rain, hi 35. Possibility of an inch of snow during the day and early evening. Low 18 degrees with the possibility of a winter storm. 

Tuesday 2/16/21...Mostly Clear, hi 39 degrees. Low 32 degrees.

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