In South Louisiana, we love to share. Especially when we get to share the good news about one of our favorite subjects, food. And the folks at Lafayette Travel have created a very unique way for you to share your favorite places to eat and enjoy crawfish with anyone else who might be in the mood for a couple of pounds of those craveable crustaceans.

It's called The Crawfish Passport and if you participated in last summer's Eat Lafayette campaign, you'll be very familiar with how it works. The Crawfish Passport, according to Lafayette Travel is an electronic guide, right there on your smartphone to over 70 restaurants in the Lafayette area that serve crawfish.

Rodion Kutsaev via
Rodion Kutsaev via

The process for getting the passport is quite simple. You'll visit the Lafayette Travel website. From there you can download the passport. Use the passport to be your guide to what restaurants near you have the biggest and best crawfish and you can actually "check-in" on the passport to let your friends know that they are missing out or maybe you could use it as a reason to invite them to join you.

Now besides having the inside track to Acadiana's best crawfish places you could also win a very nice prize just for checking in with your Crawfish Passport. Lafayette Travel is going to give one lucky passport user a weekend getaway at Crawfish Haven/Mrs. Rose's Bed &Breakfast in Kaplan.

Your check-in will also serve as a "vote" for crawfish royalty in Acadiana too. The participating restaurant with the most check-ins will be crowned Crawfish Royalty for the 2022 crawfish season.

If you're a little shy about using technology along with your crawfish, don't be. There is a simple step by step guide on how to download the passport, check-in, and enjoy your mudbugs on the Lafayette Travel site. 

Berlin's Main Park Invaded By Louisiana Crawfish
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You know in South Louisiana the only thing we like better than eating good food is sharing good food and where to get it with friends and neighbors so, y'all come and get 'em while the getting is good and don't forget to tell a friend too.

Now we realize that sometimes you'll want to do the cooking at home, for those times, just in case you're a beginner or new to Louisiana you'll want these handy instructions for boiling crawfish like a true Ragin Cajun.


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