One of the most enduring small - businesses in the Lafayette area has become part of generations of customers' lives and is asking for help to be around for many more years.

Acadiana Comics & Collectibles opened in 1985 (as Acadiana Books & Comics) under the ownership of Teresa and Jerry Moran. The Morans moved the store (then a comic book specialty and used book store) to its longtime Johnston Street location. I first visited way back in 1989, driven to an interest in comic books by the 'Bat Fever' that preceded the first Michael Keaton Batman film.

I have been a regular customer of Acadiana Comics & Collectibles since (a whopping 28 years!), not because of my love of comic books and related memorabilia, but because of the warmth and friendliness of Mrs. Teresa and Mr. Jerry.  The Morans and their shop became a part of my life and that of countless other comic book readers in Acadiana and beyond. I brought my own children to Acadiana Comics when they were old enough to read, continuing the tradition my own mother began with me decades ago.

A few years ago, the same economic downturn that has brought down many local businesses also affected Mrs. Teresa and Mr. Jerry's shop, yet they endured. They moved to a smaller space in the same shopping center but continued to offer the same welcoming and warm atmosphere, diverse product selection, and willingness to serve their customers that they'd always had.

The shopping center that has been home to Acadiana Comics & Collectibles for decades is now up for sale. The Morans have been inspired to pursue a 'super' goal: they want to purchase the center to secure the future of Acadiana Comics & Collectibles, not only for themselves but for their dedicated and loyal customers and the seven other businesses that call the shopping center home. The Morans have launched a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $1 million.

I know, I kinda look like Aunt Mae from Spider-man comics, but, I'm not.

I have served three generations of comic book readers and their families in the same "spot" for 32 years.

The problem is, the small shopping center that houses the comic shop and about seven other businesses needs a new owner. I would like to be that owner and purchase the center so we can continue the tradition for years to come, in the same "spot". Who knows, maybe you super heroes out there can help me build a new center in the same spot to house all of these comic book characters and their neighbors.

What do you say let's give it a try! Not only do we have three generations of fans local but many have moved and scattered the globe and we still serve them our reach is huge, though we are me obtain a house for the universe! Here is your chance to become a "Super Hero" in the world of comics for future generations.

If you'd like to contribute to keep an Acadiana institution going strong for decades to come, consider donating to Mrs. Teresa and Mr. Jerry's GoFundMe campaign.

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