We saw a post on Facebook about a boat docking in Delcambre with fresh shrimp, so we thought we'd drive down there to buy some. When we did, we found long lines of cars with people waiting to buy shrimp.

The post said that Lil' Man was coming in with 4,000lbs and that the shrimp would go on sale at 12:30. We got there at 11:30, and there were already more than 60 cars waiting in line! When we shot this video, we counted 56 cars in the part of the line we could see, and there were certainly more than 4 waiting at the front of the line (we didn't catch that area on film).

Needless to say, we didn't wait around. We read that some people posted "It was worth the 4-hour wait". 4 HOURS!! I had no idea people are willing to wait that long to get fresh shrimp.

Next time, I'll find someone who is going and have them buy some for me.

What do you think: is it worth waiting 4 hours for shrimp straight off of the boat?


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