Fueled by her passion to bring "real" back to reality television, a local woman is petitioning CBS to add older people to the BB household.

It is time to bring the REAL back to REALITY TV.

Lisa Flint (who was transplanted into Louisiana from points north) auditioned for Big Brother recently, but received no response.  She thinks it's because BB and CBS are trying to maintain an appeal to the younger demographic, and she is trying to change that.

I have met Lisa on a few occasions and I am friends with her on Facebook.  I firmly believe that, judging by her sense of humor and her level of intelligence, not only will she bring a breath of fresh air to the stale program, she has a pretty good shot at winning the thing!

Here is how Lisa's Change.org petition reads:

Big Brother has been on the air for several seasons now; each time the house guests get younger, the show has become the Big Bro & Ho's show.  Although Big Brother may feel they are catering to the younger audience, they are starting to discriminate against the vast majority of the American public...  It is time to bring the REAL back to REALITY TV.  A blended house of all races, religions, sizes, ages and sexual orientations can be represented when CBS normally has 14-16 house guests.

If you are tired of seeing the same ole' same ole' on BB, now is your chance to help change the show.  Click here to sign the petition.  If CBS gets enough input, maybe it WILL bring more "real" to reality television!


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