Do two wrongs make a right?

We've all heard that saying before, but a video that popped up in my Facebook News Feed this morning made me think: "Who is actually in the wrong here?"

Jessica Bertinot was traveling on Ambassador Caffery when a couple of guys on motorcycles (technically, groms) caught her attention. From her NSFW reaction in the video, she seemed to be frustrated about their behavior on the road.

The video opens up with Bertinot having her phone trained on two bikers who were stopped next to her at a stoplight. As the video continues you see one of the bikers hit a wheelie and Jessica voices her concern with the potential danger related to their antics.

Clearly, they must have been acting up before she began recording, but after she posted the video to KATC's Facebook page many commenters were quick to point one major issue with her video.

"Get off your phone!!!" was one of the top comments from Hunter Lucas Davis. Many others chimed in pointing out that Bertinot's distracted driving due to filming was also dangerous.

You being on your phone to “film” this puts anyone on two wheels in danger . Whether or not it’s your phone or dash cam you were definitely moving it . And that’s not “hands free” so theirs a 500$ fine bam . I know your telling the truth but hey them guys just trying to have fun . Not like they hurting anyone else . And if they hit a car it’s their fault . Most of us ride with cameras to show how bad drivers are . I think they are totally ok with getting a ticket for wheelies. But you not being “hands free” puts a life in danger ...

You can dig through the comments for all of the back and forth between Jessica and those commenting on her video, but Louisiana's current cell phone laws don't technically prohibit her from recording.

Louisiana's distracted driving laws "prohibit texting and interacting with social media for all drivers, and prohibit talking on a cellphone for certain drivers and in certain locations for all drivers."

You can read all of the restrictions here, but one of the exceptions stands out in this particular situation.

reporting emergencies and criminal activity.

If what the bikers were doing was illegal or criminal, you could technically say that there was no wrongdoing on the part of Bertinot, but in the court of public opinion one could easily point out the hypocrisy of the whole situation. If you want to pore over an entire article related to vlogging while driving, you can read this.

What we do know is that sooner than later we could see Louisiana adopting the "hands-free" laws, especially since lawmakers and local law enforcement have recently made major pushes to get in line with the 18 other states that have updated their laws.

We've all seen reckless behavior on the roads, and we've seen video evidence help law enforcement to track down people who have caused accidents or worse. This is definitely a hot local debate as over 200 comments have piled up in a matter of hours.

With all things considered, how do you feel about this situation?

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