Reports from Los Angeles show a graphic scene where a person on a stolen motorcycle crashed into a car while traveling at a high rate of speed. The reporter who was on the broadcast of the helicopter pursuit displayed her shock as the motorcyclist abruptly ran into a car.


A helicopter was following the stolen motorcycle, as authorities were reportedly tracking the person who was driving the vehicle. The speedometer provided in the top-right corner of the broadcast showed that the person driving the motorcycle reached speeds of over 130 m.p.h. at one point.

Twitter via @CBSLA
Twitter via @CBSLA

Eventually, the motorcycle went through an intersection and crashed directly into another vehicle. The speedometer was roughly around 80 m.p.h. at the time of impact.


Immediately after the horrific crash, the broadcast from the helicopter above caught one final shot of the aftermath of the incident before cutting away to the news person.

*** WARNING - The below video shows the extremely graphic crash. Viewer discretion is advised ***

See the video of the incident that ended in a horrific crash via @CBSLA on twitter below.

According to an update from the same outlet, authorities were tracking the stolen motorcycle at the time the crash occurred.

The latest update from CBS Los Angeles says that the motorcyclist died in the crash.

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