Last year, a local nurse from Lafayette penned an open letter to all of those who share her profession entitled "I'm Just A Labor And Delivery Nurse". It instantly went viral here in Acadiana, and quickly spread clear across the country. Now, it's spread all over the globe showing up in the UK, Australia, Malaysia and many other parts of the world. It's been translated into many different languages. The incredible post recently caught fire once again, garnishing hundreds of thousands of shares and heart felt accolades on social media. The list of places that have championed her post is honestly too much to list.

love what matters/facebook
love what matters/facebook

This nurse wrote this in response to an episode of "The View" as detailed in the original story below. She poured her heart out and posted it to her facebook page, saying she didn't know who wrote it. She claimed it was from an anonymous source, not wanting the attention for it, but wanting the attention to be focused on what she said. She's pretty classy like that. How do I know this? Because she's my wife Jill.

I've been begging her for over a year to let me out her as the author, and she always says "No. Just leave it alone. It doesn't matter if anyone knows it's me, that isn't the point". It's not for any ego thing that I've wanted her to get the credit she deserves, it's because it's so beautifully written, I can't stand for people to not know how special she truly is.

She's finally sick of me asking her, so she said I could so I'll shut up about it.

Knowing her, and knowing how much of her heart and soul goes into what she does makes it really hard for me to read. I see much of what she says every time she comes home.

If you haven't read "I'm Just A Labor And Delivery Nurse", I ask you to check it out below. And, before you ask, I have no idea why I get to be married to her either.

staff photo
staff photo

(Original Story Below)

This week, the internet was set on fire when a couple of the women on "The View" made very disrespectful remark towards nurses. During the Miss America Pageant talent segment, Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson chose to do a monologue about what it is to be a nurse. Joy Behar from "The View" made a comment saying she didn't understand why Johnson was "wearing a Doctor's stethoscope". One Local Labor and Delivery nurse has responded with an open letter entitled "I'm Just A Labor And Delivery Nurse". I dare you to get through even the first four lines without crying.

I am just a nurse.  A Labor and Delivery nurse.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?   Well...


I am just the nurse who was there during the birth of your child.


I am just the nurse who held your hand, looked you in the eye, and made you feel like the strongest woman in the world.


I am just the nurse who recognized that you had severe preeclampsia and got an order from your physician for magnesium sulfate to prevent you from seizing.

I am just the nurse who carefully monitored your breathing WITH MY STETHOSCOPE because I know the possible complications.


I am just the nurse who vigilantly monitored your baby's heartbeat and recognized that he was in distress.


I am also just the nurse who had you on the O.R. table by the time your doctor was in the parking lot to deliver a healthy baby.


I am the just nurse who took photos of your baby because you were all alone... Even though I should really be charting and doing about a hundred other things.


I am just the nurse whose family has to experience another day without me because I stayed 3 hours late to see you through a difficult delivery.


I am just the nurse who maintained your dignity and made you feel comfortable when you were at your most vulnerable.


I am just the nurse who convinced your OB to give you more time before performing a cesarean section. 

I am just the nurse who waited as long as possible to call your OB for delivery so that he wouldn't cut an episiotomy.


I am just the nurse who held your hand and cried with you when you came through triage and your baby had no heartbeat.


I am just the nurse who hasn't had anything to eat or drink since my cup of coffee I drank this morning when I woke up at 5am.


I am just the nurse who will let you leave grip marks on her arm while you are getting your epidural, while repeating to you, "You are doing an amazing job.  Almost there.  You can do it."


I am just the nurse who reassured a teenage mom that she can be an amazing parent and still get an education.


I am just the nurse who stood by you while you handed your baby to his adoptive mother.  I held you steady.  I watched you tremble.  My heart ached for you.


I am just the nurse who knows that preventing the primary cesarean helps prevent future cesareans and all of the associated risks for each future pregnancy and, therefore, will do everything in my experience and power to encourage your baby to position herself correctly in your pelvis.


I am just the nurse who held your hand and told you, "She is beautiful.  I am so so sorry for your loss."  My heart ached for you.  I wanted to hold my children and never let them go that night, but they were already sleeping because I stayed late to be with you.


I am just the nurse who cried the entire drive home and whose husband doesn't even have to ask how my day was.
He knows. 




Every day.


I felt your joy.
I felt your pain.
I wiped your tears.
I calmed your fears.
I kept your secrets.
I taught you how strong you are.
I saved your life.
I saved your child's life.
My body aches.
My heart aches.


And I love every minute. 

I am just a Labor and Delivery nurse.

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