A local musician who has been undergoing cancer treatment penned a humorous note to his doctor before his latest procedure.

Jamie Bergeron has been kickin' cancer's butt since his diagnosis (colon cancer) in June of last year and today, he won another battle.  Jamie was outfitted with some extra hardware several months ago, and today's surgery removed that hardware.

I would love to have seen the look on Doctor Kaufman's face when he arrived in surgery and read Jamie's note on the colostomy bag!

Facebook/Jamie Bergeron
Facebook/Jamie Bergeron

Borrowing from an old motorcycle muffler advertisement slogan of "Go Big or Go Home", Jamie's note said "Go Bag or Go Home", complete with a winking smiley face and Jamie's version of Mr. Hankey (search "South Park" and "Mr. Hankey", if you dare).

Dr. Kaufman was able to follow Jamie's suggestion and, now that the colostomy bag is gone, I'm certain that Jamie has come up with a new joke about his time with the bag. (Here's one for you, Jamie: Man, now that that dang bag is gone, I am relieved!!  HA!)

Facebook/Jamie Bergeron
Facebook/Jamie Bergeron

Two things that I noticed about Jamie since his diagnosis: #1 - he never lost his (somewhat twisted, at times) sense of humor and #2 is going to be hard to describe, but I'll give it a shot: in the past, when I would ask him how he was doing, the answer always came with a smile and a joke. Since his diagnosis, the handful of times I've run into him and inquired about his health, the answer still came with a smile and a joke, but I feel that he now looks at me a little differently. I mean, we've always been friendly but, since his diagnosis, I feel that he now looks at me like a friend. I don't know if that makes sense, but those are the words that most closely describe what I mean.

Oh, and there's a #3): judging by his posts on Facebook, it appears that Jamie has embraced his faith more in the past year.

I reached out to Jamie and asked him how his diagnosis changed him:

Well I'm definitely closer to God (and I didn't even have to go to prison to realize that)!


As a Paramedic with Acadian Ambulance all these years and losing my dad when I was only 26, I know how precious life is and to not take it for granted. I started living life bigger and loving deeper! Appreciate those that are here now and let them know that! Don't let a day, a minute, a second go by wasting it! LIVE DAMMIT!



As a Paramedic I'm accustomed to being the caregiver; I'm the guy who supposed to help YOU! This has turned all the away around and it was hard for me to be a patient.


Cancer doesn't discriminate and hates us all....young, old, black, white: well we hate you too, cancer! 🖕🏻


Thank you friends, fans, family, band, coworkers and great people out there who prayed and kept me around! I'm very blessed and I love you BIG BIG!! - Jamie Bergeron


Jamie Bergeron, along with his Kickin' Cajuns, is a cultural icon. Jamie lives the Cajun lifestyle, carries on the Cajun traditions, speaks the Cajun language. I guess that, in a nutshell, you can say that Jamie lives the Cajun Dream. The thing I like most about Jamie is the fact that he shares that dream, through his music, with the whole world.

Shake it, shake it, Jamie, get on down!




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