This is so funny.

We've heard the rumors that the actor Will Smith is in south Louisiana filming a movie and one local man did his part to welcome him to the area.

Smith is reportedly filming in and around the Lake Martin area and one man has erected a few signs along the way to welcome him to "Cajun Country".

One sign reads, "Fresh Prince Dis Not Bel-Air Baw." And another sign posted along the route he would take to his filming destination reads, "Aye Prince, why you gave Carlton that X?"

Of course, the latter referencing Smith's earlier acting days while he was on the set of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

According to the man who posted the signs, a few cars that seemed to have actors and actresses in them stopped to read the signs, but no sign of Smith yet.

We can only hope that Will Smith gets a glimpse of these hilarious signs and shares them on his own personal media platforms.

Until then, we all be on the lookout for Smith and if you do happen to see him around south Louisiana, give him a huge south Louisiana welcome.

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In addition to these two signs, another sign has been added to the welcoming. This sign reads, "I know all the words to Summertime." Check it out here.

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