No one knows exactly what led to Andrew and Abby Borden getting axed to death on a hot summer morning in 1892. Did Lizzie Borden really murder her parents? And if so, why? The public fascination with the Borden murders has lasted 126 years (tomorrow is the anniversary), and given way to dozens of dramatized retellings on the big and small screen. At this point though, we’ll probably never know what the heck really happened, so why not cast Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart in a bloody, queer psychological thriller about the killings?

That’s exactly what we’ll get with Lizzie, which finds Sevigny as the woman who allegedly hacked her father and stepmother to bits. Stewart plays the Borden family maid, Bridget Sullivan, also believed to be Lizzie’s lover. In this version of events, at least according to the trailer, Bridget is sexually abused by Lizzie’s father (Jamey Sheridan), and that’s what prompts Lizzie to pick up the axe. Lots of blood, lots of barn sex, and Stewart doing an Irish accent; what’s more do you need to be ridiculously excited for this?

While the reviews following Lizzie‘s Sundance premiere were less-than-stellar, I’m still anxious to see it. Who could deny a steamy thriller starring Sevigny and Stewart, plus one that visually looks this good? The film comes from director Craig William Macneil (The Boy), and also stars Kim Dickens, Denis O’Hare, and Fiona Shaw. Lizzie hits theaters September 14.

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