Is this the worst strike call in the history of history?

Actually, the question should be; are these the worst strike calls in the history of baseball?

The calls in question were made by the home plate umpire during a match-up between Georgia and Alabama at the Southeast Regional on Monday.

As you saw, Gerogia's Chase Fralick made his way to first base after a 3-0 pitch looked to miss up high, way out of the strike zone. But the ump made a late strike call, which continued the at-bat.

Could it be that the was penalizing the hitter for leaving the box too early?

On the next pitch, again, the pitch clearly missed outside, with the catcher framing the pitch in the opposing batter's box.

Just like after the previous pitch, Fralick began to make his way to first base, thinking he had drawn a walk, but once again, the umpire called a late strike.

If the ump was penalizing the kid for leaving the box too early, he needs to speed up his call, as it was entirely too late.

Really though; there has to be a reason he called those pitches strikes, right? I mean nobody can simply miss those pitches, back-to-back, right?

Finally, on the 3-2 pitch, which missed outside, Fralick drew a walk, and Georgia went on to win, so it didn't end poorly, but you still have to wonder; was the ump was trying to send a message, or were his calls just that bad?

Little League umpires volunteer their time. They only get a little bit of money for travel. So, you appreciate this guy's time, but you can still question his strike zone.

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