One of the funniest men in the history of funny men has been taken from us way too early.

For generations, 'The Carol Burnett Show' was a source of real laughing out loud, especially because of the brilliant timing, wit, and characters of Tim Conway. He frequently brought his co - stars to tears on the show and was also well - known and beloved from 'McHale's Navy' and various film roles.

Tim died in Los Angeles after a long illness. He was 85. In keeping with his personality and comic genius, he wrote his own bio on his website that I think serves as a fitting epitaph.

'Written by Tim Conway

I was born and then I did The Carol Burnett Show for eleven years. What else is there to know? I have six Emmy’s. Big deal. I am also in The Comedy Hall of Fame, it was a natural since I spent alot of my time in grade school out in the hall. I went to Bowling Green State University for eleven years. A very slow lerner (I proof read my bio). I was in the army (ours) for two years and was in McHales Navy for three years. That is a total of five years of service. My ambition was to be a jockey, but at my weight, even the horses were asking me to get off. I have seven children, two grand children and a puppy. I have been married since 1984, a record for Hollywood. I do not have a serious thought in my head. Enjoy the show.'

Above is what is considered by many to be Tim's (and The Carol Burnett Show's) finest hour. Tim, thanks for all the laughs.

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