For years, Johnston Street has been known for not exactly giving pedestrians and bike riders the safest of feelings in using that roadway.

Well, the Lafayette City-Parish Council is hoping to change that as its members unanimously approved a “memorandum of understanding,” which seeks to convert Johnston Street from a 5-lane roadway to a 4-lane roadway with larger sidewalks and bike paths. A median would be put in place of the middle turn lane.

LCG Councilman Bruce Conque says it’s a project that’s expected to take about four years to complete and it will be funded by state and federal dollars.

The project will begin on Holden Avenue all the way to Cajundome Boulevard, according to

For years, Johnston Street has also been known for its traffic jams, which have led to longer commute times for drivers.

That issue was addressed by Councilman William Theriot, but Council members as a whole felt this was an opportunity for growth in Lafayette.

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