If you want to see what is happening locally with cracking down on crime in Lafayette, you need only to look at the constant work of both the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office and the Lafayette Police Department.

Lafayette Police Car with Lights
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While most of us are just going about our usual routines each day or sleeping away in the overnight hours, officers are constantly working to make sure Lafayette's streets are safe.

One of the major cornerstones of this work is the Lafayette Violent Offenders Task Force made up of officers from police law enforcement bodies in Lafayette.

Mark Garber, photo KPEL Studio
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Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber says the successes have been impressive in just the first eight weeks of operation of the task force.

Drug Bust 1200 Robley
Photo courtesy of Lafayette Sheriff's Office

Here's just one fact from the last two months, police were able to seize $350,000 of drugs that will not be making it to Lafayettes.

Lafayette Police Drug Bust
Photo courtesy of Lafayette Police Department

Another interesting morsel of information is that forty-three weapons were taken from criminals during the last eight weeks.

Lafayette Police Lights
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And the hits just keep on coming. Since this program started on January 3, 2022, forty-six felony arrests and twenty-four misdemeanor arrests have been made by officers in the Lafayette Violent Offenders Task Force.

Sheriff Mark Garber says it's all about disrupting crime and arresting criminals in Lafayette Parish,

Through our intelligence efforts, we have identified several groups in the Acadiana area that operate all or in part in Lafayette. These groups, while relatively small in number, are primarily responsible for the rise in homicides and shootings. If we do not proactively pursue this criminal activity, it stands to pose a direct threat to the safety and well-being of this community.

The efforts continue. To all the men and women of Lafayette's law enforcement community, and beyond, Thank you!

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