Another day, another scam that has surfaced.

This time it is a phone scam that deals with law enforcement agencies.

According to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, a phone scammer is posing as a member of local law enforcement and claims to have a warrant for their arrest and demanding money in exchange for resolving the warrant. Sometimes, the scammer claims the recipient missed jury duty and payment is needed.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office wants to make sure that residents are aware that they will never ask for any kind of payment over the phone.

If you are contacted by a scammer and they are requesting money from you, do not make that transfer. After you should contact law enforcement personnel immediately. If you have any questions about this scam or any other scams that are out there you can call the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office at (337) 232-9211.

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I have seen videos circulating on TikTok which explain these scams in detail.

This guy is a lawyer and explains how these hacks go once they get you on the phone. He also gives some insight into how a sheriff's office works so that you won't be fooled by these scammers.

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In this video, we see a police officer who is on the phone with a scammer. She demonstrates how to remain calm while you are on the phone with them and what the right questions to ask them are.

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