If someone calls you saying that there is a warrant out for your arrest, and they want money, hang up the phone.

Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber's Office wants everyone to know that there have been complaints that people are calling pretending that you will be arrested if you don't pay up.

Anyone can fall for a scam. Don't let your guard down. When you or a loved one are being threatened with being arrested, you may automatically go into panic mode. If you think it can't happen to you, that's when you can become susceptible according to Chris Babin from the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana. He often has told KPEL, they receive calls constantly from people who have given up their hard-earned money because the people on the phone sound so convincing.

According to the press release from the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, the person on the other end of the phone wants money because they falsely claim they have a warrant for your arrest. They claim if you pay up, then you won't be arrested. The person trying to scam you even pretends to be a member of the law enforcement community.

Sheriff's officials want everyone to know they are not going to call you and ask you for money over the phone. They just don't do that. It is not one of their standard practices. Imagine if you have had some trouble with the law before. You may be thinking that there could be a warrant for your address. Your fear is what a scammer is hoping for so they can get you to give them money.

These scammers will ask for some form of payment. The Sheriff's officials give an idea of some of the things that they scammers may ask you to give them:

  • Non-traceable money cards
  • Non-transferable cards
  • Any form of money that can't be tracked

Never give anyone any information about yourself, your accounts, and don't ever give someone money, even if they are threatening you.

If you think you could be in trouble, or if you think there is a warrant for you, you can always call, or you can have someone else call for you to ask about this. The number for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office at 337-232-9211.


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