A Lafayette woman has made something to add to your mask for comfort. Michelle Landry said after she read articles and heard stories about people having an ear issue with the masks, she wanted to help. She said for many, especially those who wear the mask for a long period of time, they're having issues with their ears hurting from the elastic straps. Landry has created a mask clip that will hold the elastic in the back of your head.

Michelle Fruge Landry Facebook

She describes the mask clip as a very thin piece of light-weight plastic. The plastic is also very flexible and will bend with the shape of your head. It's very easy to clean also, which is important. Landry said she is offering the clips FREE because she wants to do anything she can to help during the coronavirus pandemic and she feels this is one way she can. As long as she has the supplies on hand, she will continue to give them away. Help us spread the word to healthcare workers, elderly, first responders, anyone who is wearing a mask. If you would like some of the clips, let her know through Facebook Messenger by clicking here.