Here is another scam that Lafayette residents should be aware of.

The Lafayette Police Department is warning that scammers are impersonating police officers. These scammers are calling people in the Lafayette area and are attempting to scam them out of money. The Lafayette Police Department wants to make sure that everyone is aware that they will never call and request money for missed court dates, warrants, or anything else

If you receive a phone call like this LPD is advising that you hang up immediately and call the Lafayette Police Department to report it.

Since this is the not the first time scams like this have happened I looked up the top scams that are currently going around. The IRS compiles a list every year of the top scams and schemes that are making the rounds.

Here is the list:

Economic Impact Payment and tax refund scams: The Covid-19 pandemic is an easy target when it comes to scams. Individuals are continuing to be threatened when it comes to getting stimulus payments or tax refund money. Taxpayers should always be cautious when they receive messages about covid stimulus payments or tax refund payments. If you receive any text messages, incoming phone calls, or emails that ask about your personal data these should be considered suspicious and deleted immediately.

Unemployment fraud: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic many people lost their jobs or received unemployment payments from the government. Scammers have realized there is an opportunity here to take advantage of people and filed false claims for unemployment benefits. Taxpayers should pay attention to any documentation they receive in the mail, especially a Form 1099-G. If you did not file for unemployment benefits and you receive this form then you will need to reach out to your state government immediately.

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Fake employment offers posted on social media: You should always be wary of what you see on social media and the same goes for job postings. If a posting is asking for personal information of any kind you should avoid those and not respond to them. I always say if it's too good to be true then chances are it isn't true.

Fake charities that steal your money: When it comes to charities we all want to give back to others and help out in any way we can but if you are not familiar with a charity I would do some research before you grab your credit card. Better safe than sorry when it comes to these situations.

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