Lafayette Parish School Board approved a "14th" check for teachers. Lafayette Parish qualifying school teachers will each get the bonus check. According to The Advocate, school board officials voted 5-3 for the lagniappe check Wednesday night. The money will come from excess collections in the district's sales tax funds. Each bonus check will be $1,854.

The board also discussed the possibility of a permanent pay increase. Board members Justin Centanni, Tehmi Chassion and Hannah Smith Mason voted against teachers receiving the additional perk. These board members would like to see the funds allocated for a permanent pay raise. Some board members are concerned that if sales taxes take a dive, the bonus checks will have to cease.

The Coronavirus pandemic will more than likely see sales tax revenue in the parish take a huge hit. That may force the board to decide against issuing the bonus checks next school year. It'll be a wait and see situation.

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