Students in the Lafayette Parish School System will experience virtual learning during their two scheduled days of classes on Christmas week - Monday and Tuesday (December 21-22). LPSS officials say in a press release that this is ONLY for these two days and is "not due to significant changes in COVID-19 cases in our schools."

"By conducting this completely virtual exercise in advance, the district will be better able to evaluate and update current plans and provide our teachers, school leaders, and families valuable information regarding our school-wide virtual plans," says Chief Academic Officer Dr. Rabalais. "It is also an opportunity for parents - oftentimes with multiple children - to prepare their home for virtual learning and test devices and connectivity on different platforms. By identifying barriers early on, parents can provide valuable feedback to the schools as we tweak the district's virtual process."

LPSS says this is in preparation in case the school system has to switch full-time to virtual learning. Attendance is mandatory and work can be used as a grade.

Students are scheduled to go back to the hybrid model once they return to classes on January 4th after the winter break. Originally, students were expected to stay in the hybrid model through December 22nd.

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