UPDATE: (2/16/22)

The five members of the Lafayette City Council all gave their vote for Mayor-President Josh Guillory's appointment for Jeff Stewart as the new permanent head of Lafayette Utitilies System.

ORIGINAL: (2/4/22)

Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory has announced via a press release, that he has made a decision about a permanent director for Lafayette Utilities System.

Guillory has chosen long-time employee Jeffrey Stewart to become the Executive Director, pending approval by the Lafayette City Council.

Lowell Duhon has been serving in an interim capacity at LUS.

Mayor-President Guillory says Stewart has a proven track record of leading a team and understanding the industry. Guillory adds,

For more than 20 years, Jeff has been a key part of the LUS team. His background, expertise, and proven leadership in the utilities and engineering fields are and have been an asset to LUS. He is well equipped to lead the department moving forward.

Stewart has been working at LUS since 2001. Ever since he earned his bachelor's degree from LSU, he has been working at LUS. Before being promoted to his new position, Steward has served as Engineering & Power Supply Manager at LUS.

Stewart is the first permanent director at LUS since 2018 following the retirement of Terry Huval.

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