Lafayette's Ragin' Cajuns will be taking to Cajun Field tomorrow in the Sun Belt Conference Championship game, and we are hoping that the stands are packed.

This will be the final game for the senior players and for Coach Billy Napier, as he has just accepted a job at a university in Florida.

As part of the hype for tomorrow's game, my Twitter feed has been stacked with memes, pictures, and videos regarding Louisiana taking on Appalachian State, and one photo that was shared gave me an idea.

It sent me on a quest, so to speak, and I think that this could be fun.

Do you think that it is possible, through the magic that is the internet, to identify everyone in this picture?

Some of the faces in the picture are a little blurry, but I believe it can be done.

Many of the faces are quite clear and those people should be easily recognized. Those pictured who are not so clear, maybe a little blurry, should still be able to recognize themselves. Even those whose faces can't be seen should be able to recognize the person next to them, or maybe even be able to identify themselves by their own clothing.

I know that there's a lot of red in the photo but, again, I think it can be done. We'll have to network to make it happen, but this should be fun!

Here's how we'll do this: take a screenshot of the photo and then edit it by putting a circle around yourself or anyone else you recognize in the pic. Then, click here to pull up this post on Facebook, put the edited photo in the comments and drop your name or the name(s) of anyone else you recognize in the photo. Tag & Tweet & Insta & Share and I'm sure we'll get a good number of these people named!

Ragin' Cajuns via Twitter
Ragin' Cajuns via Twitter

Again, I think it's possible to do, thanks to the far reach of the internet.

Wouldn't it be great to share something that supports our Ragin' Cajuns instead of some of the hateful things you see online?

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